Monday, 1 August 2011

The Shadows of Sherwood Forest

I am making a series of plated acorns and oak leaves. These are collected from within the Shadows of Sherwood Forest, not far from The Major Oak and also the home of Robin Hood and his Merry Men.

I will use a variety of plating metals;
22k Gold
Black Chrome

How Oakdale Studios got it’s name

I was born in Warsop,  3.03 miles from The Major Oak Tree (as the
arrow flies) & enjoyed playing there as a child
I spent many a good night with great friends at The Greendale Oak
pub at Cuckney. The Greendale Oak Tree is also a famous tree on
the Welbeck Estate
Barnsdale  is ½ of my family name & is thought to be linked
through history to “John Little of Barnsdale”, please make of this
as you will
The “Studios” side is a concept of  me creating my works of art &
being helped by “students”  from time to time. For “payment” they
can use my studio, equipment & experience to help them create
their own personal projects
The “Studios” can be anywhere & other artists can join in. We can
then collectively sell our own products from one place, draw
inspiration from each other, collaborate on joint ventures but also
have our own space to be creative in

22k Gold plated acorns & leaves

A hand crafted piece of unique jewellery begins with a hand selected, fresh cut, leaf or acorn.Only those leaves or corns selected for their exquisite quality & shape are considered.Each one is hand-picked and treated through a very delicate process to preserve its natural shape & unique beauty.They are then coated with a conductive coating, electroformed in copper, nickel plated and a final plate of 22k gold.With such care and attention has results in some of the world's most beautiful leaves and acorns, preserved forever, in shimmering 22k Gold.