Thursday, 10 November 2011

FREE Prize draw for a 22k Gold plated zcorn.

Number 37, David John Shufflebottom. Our 1st winner of 2011

Here is the 1st FREE prize draw for one of Oakdale Studios 22k Gold plated acorns.

All you have to do to enter ic click the "LIKE" button on my Facebook page,

The draw will take place when there are 100 "likers"

There will be another draw when we hit 200 so to be in with a chance, stay liked!

The lucky winners number will be randomly picked by someone trusted with the number generator on the top right of this Blog.

The list so far:

104 Sam Shimeld
103 Angela Gripton
102 Kathleen Hooper
101 Tom Parkin
100 Peter Staines
99 Jan Ryan
98 Tania Savage
97 Debbie Gray
96 Sue Vos
95 Sam Tefaud Dyer
94 Susie Simmers
93 Kazba Wright92 Wee Huey Morgan
91 Steven Wilson
90 Jacqueline Martin Williamson
89 Lynne McKinstray
88 Laura Jane Quick
87 Brian Corboy
86 Thomas Wilson
85 Havvah Aoife Toth
84 Kerry Palfreyman
83 Sharon Bellwood
82 Laura Deakin
81 Bitty T SCotland
80 Alan Metheringham
79 Katie Hawkins
78 Sally Outram
77 Steve Adams
76 Amelia Heisey
75 Paul B Dale
74 Robyn Pond
73 Erin Huckle
72 Angela Mcmurray Henry
71 Sara Burnham
70 David Colley
69 Steve Beard
68 Lisa Hall
67 Laura O'Sullivan
66 Maria Longwright
65 Paul Fritch
64 Andrea Clewett
63 Anita Davies
62 Lavender Fields
61 Jane Brown
60 Nicole Ernst Baunker
59 Jennie Rage
58 Laura Crow
57 Jay Egg
56 Karen Tann
55 Mark Riley
54 Adrian Orrell
53 Fiona Morris
52 Marion Gamble
51 Heather Knott
50 Trevor Coker
49 Nott’s Page
48 Mick Cluley
47 Donna Keenan
46 Sharon Hetherington
45 Patrick Murphy
44 Debbie Churchill
43 Larry Clinton
42 Paul Wilkinson
41 Diane Harrod
40 Sally Stewart
39 Karen Parkin
38 Drew A B Keenan
37 David John Shufflebottom Our 1st winner 2011
36 Stef Cooke
35 Edita Filep-King
34 Sally Heaysman
33 Mo Goodfield
32 Tanvir 'Ivor' Sira
31 Ellie Dobson
30 Wayne Ball
29 Cheryl Liddle
28 Vicki Hooton
27 Alison Goodall
26 Yolande Bosman
25 Heather Wakefield
24 Jane Bradley
23 Melvin Young
22 Mariana Gurschi Manoli
21 Sarah Barry
20 Samantha Beswick
19 Hayley Victory
18 Adam Langton
17 Deb McLean
16 Joe Filep
15 Tom Wright
14 Lynne Robinson
13 Heather Sulley
12 Mick Turner
11 Adela Langton
10 David Martin
9 Joanne Cliffe
8 Garry Want
7 Phil Cliffe
6 Charlie Harnasz
5 Kim Filep
4 Keith Sulley
3 Karen Esquilant
2 Zoe Langton
1 Eddie Stalkperch

To join in with a chance to win the FREE to enter draw you must click the "like" button on my
>>>> Facebook  <<<<
page and be within the 1st 100 likers. There are only a few places left so hurry.

Good Luck Everyone


Saturday, 17 September 2011

My 1st eBay item

This is my 1st ebay listing of 10 acorns

Oakdale Studios present;

A 22k Gold plated real Acorn
Plucked from the shadows of The Major Oak deep in the Heart of Sherwood Forest
& from under the ghostly footsteps of the legendary
Robin Hood & his Merry Men.
This is a genuine Sherwood Forest acorn hand selected from the 2011 harvest.
Each acorn comes with a certificate scroll confirming that
they are hand picked from within a 5 mile radius of The Major Oak & Parliament Oak trees.
The annual harvest has a limited availability due to the short growing & ripening seasons &
the speed that the Squirrels gather & bury them. I am listing these in batches of ten
so when they've gone, they've gone.
Their uniqueness means two will never be the same in both size and shape.
An average size is around 25mm in length x 15mm in diameter.
As with all handmade & hand crafted items, the texture & colours may slightly differ,
this is due to variables in the processes we use such as times & ambient temperatures but we do keep an
eye out for sub-standard finnishes before they are packed & dispatched.
Inspired by nature, this is a reminder of Sherwood Forest, The Major Oak tree & of Robin Hood.
It would compliment your visit to Robin Hood Country or make an ideal gift or memento of Nottinghamshire.
The acorns are electroformed in copper, nickel plated & eventually encased with 22k Gold
to preserve their unique & natural beauty for years to come.
Please note that due to the process the acorn is dead & will not grow into a Mighty Oak.
Please remember that any item that is Gold plated & not solid gold will possibly scratch
& wear out by attaching it to a keyring etc. 

The photo is one of the acorns I have Gold plated but will not necessarily be the one you buy.
WARNING: These products DO contain nuts
& their uniqueness means that the size, weight & shape will always vary.
This product was hand crafted by me, with pride at the Oakdale Studios, deep in the Heart of Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire, England.

Other items to follow soon;

Monday, 1 August 2011

The Shadows of Sherwood Forest

I am making a series of plated acorns and oak leaves. These are collected from within the Shadows of Sherwood Forest, not far from The Major Oak and also the home of Robin Hood and his Merry Men.

I will use a variety of plating metals;
22k Gold
Black Chrome

How Oakdale Studios got it’s name

I was born in Warsop,  3.03 miles from The Major Oak Tree (as the
arrow flies) & enjoyed playing there as a child
I spent many a good night with great friends at The Greendale Oak
pub at Cuckney. The Greendale Oak Tree is also a famous tree on
the Welbeck Estate
Barnsdale  is ½ of my family name & is thought to be linked
through history to “John Little of Barnsdale”, please make of this
as you will
The “Studios” side is a concept of  me creating my works of art &
being helped by “students”  from time to time. For “payment” they
can use my studio, equipment & experience to help them create
their own personal projects
The “Studios” can be anywhere & other artists can join in. We can
then collectively sell our own products from one place, draw
inspiration from each other, collaborate on joint ventures but also
have our own space to be creative in

22k Gold plated acorns & leaves

A hand crafted piece of unique jewellery begins with a hand selected, fresh cut, leaf or acorn.Only those leaves or corns selected for their exquisite quality & shape are considered.Each one is hand-picked and treated through a very delicate process to preserve its natural shape & unique beauty.They are then coated with a conductive coating, electroformed in copper, nickel plated and a final plate of 22k gold.With such care and attention has results in some of the world's most beautiful leaves and acorns, preserved forever, in shimmering 22k Gold.


Saturday, 30 July 2011

800 years ago, Sherwood's oak woods and heathland covered 26,000 hectares

Over 800 years ago, Sherwood's oak woods and heathland covered 26,000 hectares (64,246 acres). Over time, our precious lands have been fragmented and threatened with destruction from industial and urban development to modern tourism.

A group of interested bodies set up the Sherwood Forest Trust to ensure the survival of Sherwood Forest - one of Europe's most important places for ancient trees, along with valuable woodland, wetland and heathland.

These precious fragments of Sherwood Forest are the ‘roots’ of the area’s varied and rich heritage. The Sherwood Forest Trust’s vision for Sherwood Forest is to restore and conserve the area and seek opportunities to create new areas of woodland, heathland and other natural habitats, linking together remnant areas of our heritage into a fluid and exciting landscape.

We’ve made a massive drive towards our Sherwood Forest vision, but still have a long way to go to restore the ancient forest to something like its former glory. The Trust continues to develop innovative projects to link forest fragments back together, creating new areas of woodland and lowland heathland and finding imaginative new ways to restore ‘dormant’ heathland within forestry plantations.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

I'm an Alchemist baby......

I'm an Alchemist babyI can turn heavy metal .... into gold
I can make unstable compounds of mercury explode

I can make you glow
I can make you phosphoresce
I can burst your bubble
I can make you effervesce

Science tells you love
Is just a chemical reaction in the brain
Let me be your bunsen burner baby
Let me be your naked flame

You're going to turn bright red
When I do my litmus test on you
Acid it was, acid it is
And what acid was true

Check out what's in the test tube baby
You're my little pipette
The favourite piece of apparatus
In my chemistry set

Science tells you love
Is just a chemical reaction in the brain
Let me be your bunsen burner baby
Let me be your naked flame

You're the kind of carbon I can date
You're the element that makes me passionate
There's a chemistry experiment
I want to try in my brain
So come close to the Bunsen Burner
Feel the Heat of the naked flame

Up & Running

Studio 1 has just gone on-line with the internet and computer. The phone line only has outgoing calls so far.

Studio 2 is almost up & running.
Thanks to Dan at Gareros Plating for all his help and advice.
He is also HERE too.