Saturday, 17 September 2011

My 1st eBay item

This is my 1st ebay listing of 10 acorns

Oakdale Studios present;

A 22k Gold plated real Acorn
Plucked from the shadows of The Major Oak deep in the Heart of Sherwood Forest
& from under the ghostly footsteps of the legendary
Robin Hood & his Merry Men.
This is a genuine Sherwood Forest acorn hand selected from the 2011 harvest.
Each acorn comes with a certificate scroll confirming that
they are hand picked from within a 5 mile radius of The Major Oak & Parliament Oak trees.
The annual harvest has a limited availability due to the short growing & ripening seasons &
the speed that the Squirrels gather & bury them. I am listing these in batches of ten
so when they've gone, they've gone.
Their uniqueness means two will never be the same in both size and shape.
An average size is around 25mm in length x 15mm in diameter.
As with all handmade & hand crafted items, the texture & colours may slightly differ,
this is due to variables in the processes we use such as times & ambient temperatures but we do keep an
eye out for sub-standard finnishes before they are packed & dispatched.
Inspired by nature, this is a reminder of Sherwood Forest, The Major Oak tree & of Robin Hood.
It would compliment your visit to Robin Hood Country or make an ideal gift or memento of Nottinghamshire.
The acorns are electroformed in copper, nickel plated & eventually encased with 22k Gold
to preserve their unique & natural beauty for years to come.
Please note that due to the process the acorn is dead & will not grow into a Mighty Oak.
Please remember that any item that is Gold plated & not solid gold will possibly scratch
& wear out by attaching it to a keyring etc. 

The photo is one of the acorns I have Gold plated but will not necessarily be the one you buy.
WARNING: These products DO contain nuts
& their uniqueness means that the size, weight & shape will always vary.
This product was hand crafted by me, with pride at the Oakdale Studios, deep in the Heart of Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire, England.

Other items to follow soon;

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